Kaylor of Colorado has been manufacturing ultra-premium nutritional products for pets since 1976. Mel Kaylor is Kaylor of Colorado’s founder. Mel Kaylor’s innovative ideas and firm belief in high quality natural products continue to be the mold for Kaylor of Colorado. Kaylor has a very proud and loyal team of employees. Kaylor’s management team has an average tenure of ten plus years with Kaylor. Kaylor is committed to developing world class products and personalized relationships with all of our valued customers. Darrell Kaylor proudly runs the company to this day.

Kaylor is a zero waste, vertically-efficient, primary manufacturer of natural SUPERFOODS for BIRD & SMALL ANIMALS and for WILD BIRDS & WILDLIFE. We are strategically located in Greeley Colorado to offer our customers the best regional ingredients and best freight savings. KAYLOR is one of the most efficient manufacturers/shippers in the pet industry. Our zero-waste strategy allows us to reinvest savings back into development of superfoods. We never use fake ingredients like colored cereal puffs, to try to fool pet parents or pets. Our blends feature NATURAL seeds, fruits, vegetables, and nuts – and we add healthy safflower oil to our vitamin premix. This process offers the best vitamin delivery method and nutrition for birds and small animals. KAYLOR’s quality, price and value equation allows us to build REAL RELATIONSHIPS with our customers. KAYLOR’s customer trial-to-Retention Ratios’ (a true measure of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty) are best in class!